sobedi for cloud business development

Simply combine the right cloud services to conquer new markets

  • You want to start up a disruptive business model and you know that speed is the key.
  • You want to start up a new cloud based business model but you don't know what cloud services required.
  • You want to leverage existing cloud networks to accelerate your business model.


sobedi for project management

Make projects simply successfull

  • You need support for staffing, building and development of your project management team.  
  • Efficient projects are the key to your success. Therefore you want to define, to document and to administrate your processes, activities and milestones in a clear and easy to understand way.  
  • You look for a platform for documentation, administration and controlling of your projects. All internal and external members of the team should be able to use all relevant information in a secure and reliable way.  
  • You intend to re-organize your team and your team processes. You ask for an experienced consultant who is familiar with organisational and technical questions as well as with the people´s soft factors.


sobedi for knowledge management

Simply to know what you have to know

  • You ask for new ideas but do not want to re-invent the wheel every day.
    Knowledge management requires discipline as well as methods. You want to share our experiences and you need support in conception and implementation of your knowledge management.
  • You have successfully implemented an innovative concept. Now you want to transfer your process knowledge in order to use it in your subsidiaries or to sell it.




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